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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

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Liisa from Finland

LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Liisa Kankkunen is a versatile web and graphic design professional, as well as the founder of her own company SelkoGrafiikka (SelkoGraphics) since 2006 in Finland.

“My business idea is to offer graphic design services in a client-friendly form. The cornerstone of my collaboration is to create successful long-lasting customer relations. With a Hearty Spirit, I offer information about the products and publishing forums, give post-sales support and provide client companies with training on the use of services in the field.

I like to encourage my clients to come up with their own original thoughts and ideas and let the authentic personality of their company shine through.

When practical needs meet a creative visual look, the result is genuine business communications with deep insight.”


My function as an entrepreneur is to make things easy and stress-free for my clients. My mission here is to help; to make life beautiful for others.

SKILLS: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Office
Resolute, lifelong learner
Five star listener
Humble helper
A loyal ally
Kind and