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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

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How may I be of service?

My services have been specially created for your benefit to ensure the easiest possible solution due to client-friendly practises. You get all the essentials your business needs (from the same place) to be able to sustain a competitive communication strategy.



Graphic design for your business á la Liisa from Finland:

PRINT DESIGN: Graphics for all purposes • Newspaper Ads • Brochures • Flyers • Posters • Signage • Postcards • Direct Mail • Custom Invitations • Labels & Packaging • Gift Cards • Menus & Takeout Menus • Table Tents • Appetizer / Lunch Cards • Comment Cards • Door Hangers • Coasters • Stickers & Labels… you name it (I’ll do it)

DIGITAL DESIGN: Website Design/Development • Digital Signage (static)• Digital Signage Animation • Social Media Graphics • Email Templates • Web Ads… Tell me about your idea and together we can come up with the best solution. Let’s have a coffee and chat!



Nowadays more consumers are using a mobile or tablet to access the internet than ever before. People often compare products on the net and many a purchase is made online. A mobile optimized website is convenient in it’s usability for your potential clients as well as it is considered as a ranking factor by Google.

A well-functioning website is not meant to be a mere substitute for a passive printed brochure. On the other hand, it is not often in the best interest of a client to come across with oversized web pages with too many stimuli either.

In contrast, the solutions I offer represent intelligent web design that stands out with its straightforward simplicity.



All the bits and pieces your business needs to be able to sustain a competitive communication strategy; business cards, document templates, presentation programmes and brochures – to name a few. From my “shop” you also get a coherent advertising material package; including posters, cards, paper ads, social media graphics, website graphics and banners etc.



The affordable, professional and reliable service ensures that even smaller businesses are able to update their business communications with a new refreshing look. Just say the words and together we can make it happen! According to your budget.